Whereas the Directorate General of the Internal Security Forces seeks to develop relevant services and therefore ensure citizen’s satisfaction and tranquility, and in the scope of EU program executed in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Trade (Quality Control Department) that nominated the Department of Service and Operations at the Police of Beirut for ISO 9001 certificate, the ISF have adopted a questionnaire which is dedicated to the Operations Room at the Police of Beirut, and which aims at assessing performance (hotline service 112).

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Characteristics Under Evaluation for the operations Room hot line E
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1. Speed of answering a call
2. Easiness to communicate-including attitude of the operator during the call conversation
3. Speed and effectivenessof services provided regarding the subject of call
4. General opinion of the performance

How to vote for the performance:

Excellent Very Good Good Fair Bad-Unacceptable

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